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Best wishes,
Lyle & Jan Huff

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We're going to Canada

We're starting a new journey to Banff Canada today.
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Best wishes,
Lyle & Jan Huff

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Back in the USA

Our last entry

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Well, we made it home with only a couple of bumps and bruises. Every country we visited was friendly and people were helpful everywhere. When we began this journey I wasn't sure that I could continuously travel, so this trip is more a beginning than an ending. Jan, however, could have continued a lot longer but missed her kids, granddaughter, salads, and safe water to drink.

After returning to Phoenix, we decided to unwind a little at the Wigwam Resort before breaking out the trailer. It opened in 1929 and has been beautifully preserved with gorgeous landscaping, outdoor fires, and pretty night lighting. Lyle's sister and grandniece and nephew joined us for a nice Christmas lighting event, complete with train rides, Santa, and hot chocolate. Here are a few photos.

We are now back at the Pueblo El Mirage Resort, enjoying mid-70’s weather, visiting with friends, and working on the never-ending projects that an RV requires. On Jan. 17 we’ll head northwest to stay in Lake Havasu City and then Laughlin, AZ. No definite plans after Feb. 5, other than quick visits to see Jan’s kids, with an ultimate destination of Banff NP near Calgary, in Alberta, Canada.

Jan had promised a beach ranking since we visited seven major beach countries. A lot of things go into it, but timing is a big part: if it's too cold, too cloudy, has high surf, or crocodiles, or jelly fish. Or if the sand is wrong, or has what we call "gotch-ya's" (random pieces of sharp coral) or too much tide, or seaweed, or trash, or too many long tail boats, or people. All of the beaches we visited had at least one these issues. So the winners are: Miami South Beach, Bradenton Beach FL, and Playacar Beach Mexico. Granted, these are "manufactured" and "maintained" beaches but isn't that what you want.... We enjoyed all of the beaches we visited, but you needn't fly to exotic countries for a great beach.

Happy 2018!


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Tokyo - Finding each other

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This is our last day in Tokyo. Jan left the hotel to go shopping in the Shinjuku malls and I had to buy train tickets to the airport. We would meet up at our hotel later in the day; but somehow, at the exact time and place, we ran into each other in the biggest train station in the world. This place is over a kilometer long and has 200 separate entrances and we ran into each other... THIS REALY MEANS SOMETHING. So we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Anyway, here is a bunch of photos from all over Tokyo, a world class city that everyone should visit.

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Tokyo - Shibuya

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We bought subway Pasmo cards when we arrived here and we went a couple of stops last night, but it's been a little intimidating. This is not your typical subway system...
So here we go, all day on the subway: train changes, station transfers, exit maps, etc.
The white gloved pushers were out in force in case you didn't get into the subway car (this was the most packed car we have ever been in, anywhere)
Shibuya subway station is massive and dumps 3-5 train loads of people into this intersection every 5 minutes (the busiest crossing in the world)

Shibuya is also a huge shopping area
Meiji Shrine
Ramen shop. Many restaurants in Shibuya were "closed" when we walked in, even though they were full of locals. This place seated us but we had to pick one of these items from the board and accept what we got (which was pretty good). I gave the waiter a few thousand Yen and he brought some change. We never spoke (we couldn't and he couldn't)
Tokyo Tower








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